According to estimates published by the OIV, this year we expect a Romanian wine production 7% lower than the previous year, registering a total of 3.6 million hectoliters.

“This should not necessarily be seen as negative news for the wine sector, given the current context, where geopolitical tensions, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are generating high levels of volatility and uncertainty in the global wine market,” he said. OIV, quoted by Agerpres.

In the last 5 years, this field has registered a constant growth in our country, although worldwide there has been a decrease since last year.

In 2019, Romania ranked 13th in the ranking of the world’s largest wine producers and an honorable 6th place in the European Union, which in turn is recognized as the largest wine producer in the world, owning about 45% of the world’s wine-growing areas. , 65% of production, 70% of exports and 60% of world consumption.

Thus, it is not surprising the growing interest of Romanian wine producers for wine testing equipment.

The latest FOSS wine equipment on the market, OenoFoss Go, analyzes the most important 8 parameters for wine and must in less than 3 minutes. The safety of the results ensures the producers of the quality of their wine and at the same time its correct evaluation is made on the market.

OenoFoss Go

FTIR multiparameter for wine and must_FOSS OenoFoss Go

This model comes with all the necessary calibrations and settings and does not require installation by FOSS Service specialists. It can be used from the first day of purchase, being easy to use by any operator, not only by laboratory technical staff.
Significantly reduces the costs of wine testing at any stage of production and is recommended for small and medium wine producers.

More information about OenoFoss Go can be found in an interview with oenologists Giuseppe and Angelo Facchin.